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Originally from Newcastlewest, Co.Limerick, Ruth has been painting since the age of 14, she went to the national college of art and design in Dublin & studied under Maurice Mcgahan

To begin with she used to apply oil paint thickly on large canvas , her style goes for the overall affect more than exact detail. Later around mid-eighties her style changed to using a more standard size canvas with oil more sparsely dapped on the canvas. However the ochar fields & blue mountains are a stricking combination. The clouds also can vary from pink thunder clouds to red/pink sunsets. The fields are presented in different reds/browns & ochars, this reflects the colors that are present throughtout the seasons on the unfertilised mountain ground The seascapes show rolling waves & seaside cottages particular to the west coast of Ireland as opposed to the east coast. She also paints smaller watercolours & smaller oils which sell in shops such as the

  • Connemara "The Connemara Craft Shop"
  • Bantry
  • Dingle "Tig Aine"
  • Dublin

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